Sun FlexiTanks provides a series of value added services. We provide end to end support for all our Flexitanks around the world. Our network of trusted agents and global experts allows us to provide unmatched support and real time management for any shipment

🛳 Total Logistics

Sun FlexiTanks is a part of the Sundersons Group of Companies. This allows us to leverage Sun Logistics to provide global transportation services and a robust agency network.

📦 Loading Assistance

Sun FlexiTanks provides container dressing and loading services. Our trained staff acompany the Flexitank equiped with all necessary accessories for a safe and successful journey. We handle everything.

🚨 Emergency Response

Our Global network of FlexiTank specialists are available to help in case of an unfortunate incident. We will do our best to recover your product.

♻ Disposal Assistance

The Polyethylene material of the FlexiTank is recyclable. This thermo plastic material can be melted down and used for making products almost indefinitely.