Sun VinoTanks are designed and developed for the carriage of Wines and Juices or any other hygroscopic liquids

🍷 Wines and Juices

Sun VinoTanks are modified FlexiTanks used for potable liquid cargo that needs to be protected from sunlight and external elements to avoid spoilage. To ensure longevity and quality of the product we use a unique EVOH Barrier to prevents loss of flavour and aroma. Sun VinoTanks can also be manufactured with an additional layer of Aluminum-Plastic composite film to provide further protection from UV light, temperature fluctuations and moisture absorption.

🛠 Construction

Sun VinoTanks consist of 2 high thickness sleeves of tubular co-extruded food-grade polyethylene inner liners including an EVOH Barrier and an outer liner of high strength continuous filament woven polypropylene.


Dim Par Units Test
Layers 2 Ply
Ply Thickness 250 μm
Tear Strength 100 N/mm GB/T13022-1991
Tensile Strength 30(TD) 35(MD) Mpa GB/T13022-1991
Elongation at Break 650(TD) 750(MD) % QB/T1130-1991
Dart Drop 1200 GR GB/T9639-1988
Low Temp. Flexibility -25°C
High Temp. Flexibility 70°C

Dim Par Units Test
Layers 1 Ply
Weight 180 g/ m2
Coating Weight 30 g/ m2
Tensile Strength 1800(TD) 1600(MD) N/ 50mm DIN 53354
Elongation at Break 30(TD) 30(MD) % DIN 53354

Dim Par Units Test
Ply Thickness 170 μm
Tear Resistance 5(TD) 5(MD) N/mm GB/T13022-1991
Tensile Strength 35(TD) 35(MD) Mpa GB/T13022-1991
Elongation at Break 15(TD) 15(MD) % QB/T1130-1991
H2O Transmission 0.5 g/m2/24h
O2 Transmission 0.5 cm2/m2·24h·0.1MPa