The ideal choice for shipping non-hazardous chemical and food grade liquid products. Available in size all loading and discharge configurations.

🍡 Types


Sun FlexiTanks are manufactured from 16KL to 24KL Capacities


Sun FlexiTanks are available in

  • TopLoad / Top Discharge

  • Top Load / Bottom Discharge

  • Bottom Load / Bottom Discharge

🛠 Construction

Sun FlexiTanks consists of multiple sleeves of tubular co-extruded food-grade polyethylene inner liners and outer liner of high strength continuous filament woven polypropylene.


Dim Par Units Test
Layers 4 Ply
Ply Thickness 125 μm
Total Weight 30 Kgs
Tensile Strength 30(TD) 35(MD) Mpa ASTM D88
Elongation at Break 550(TD) 650(MD) % ASTM D1709
Dart Drop 1400 GR ASTM D1709
Low Temp. Flexibility -25°C
High Temp. Flexibility 70°C

Dim Par Units Test
Layers 1 Ply
Weight 180 g/ m2
Coating Weight 30 g/ m2
Tensile Strength 1800(TD) 1600(MD) N/ 50mm DIN 53354
Elongation at Break 30(TD) 30(MD) % DIN 53354


Industry Standard 3” Polypropylene Valves are available in both butterfly and ball designs


Sun FlexiTanks can be provided with Auto Air vents for releasing Air pressure inside the FlexiTank. Auto Air-vents work automatically if the FlexiTank is under pressure (approx.between 1-2 psi).