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13, Floor-1, Plot -281,
Krishna Niwas,
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road,
Ballard Estate,
Mumbai – 400038

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022-43471774 / 43471777
022-66333888 / 6333999

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Sun VinoTanks is the first flexitank of its kind in the world designed and developed for carriage of Wines and Juices . The tank protects cargoes which are hygroscopic in nature from any loss of flavour and aroma.

It provides complete protection to wines from deterioration through any available odour which may be present outside the package through its unique EVOH Barrier PE Film.

Sun VinoTanks can also be manufactured with an additional layer of Aluminium Foil if required , which keeps away Heat inside the container, Sunlight (UV Rays) and Moisture absorption.

Sun VinoTanks with its unique Combination of EVOH Barrier PE Film and Aluminium Foils makes it the most ideal and safest choice for carriage of Wines and Juices in bulk.
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