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This Heater Pad is made to allow liquids, that have a low melting point and can solidify when subjected to low temperatures, to be discharged using either steam or hot water as a heat source.

The Heater Pad is specially designed as a disposable heater pad and consists of 2 lengths of EPDM rubber tubes, which allows steam or hot water to run through them as they are placed in the entire length of the GP container. This is placed beneath the flexitank to allow maximum exposure to the heater pad. The inlet hose is made of high modular radiator hose, which can withstand upto 100 degree C, while the outlet hose is made of EPDM braided rubber hose. Both hoses will run along the floor of the container just inside of the bulkhead and positioned upwards on the side of the bulkhead.

The pressure exerted on the heater pad is approximately 1 kilogram for every square inch when a fully laden Flexitank is placed on top of the heater pad. Never use the steam heater pad for hot water operation but hot water heater pads can be used for steaming operation. This is due to the fact that steam have a much higher pressure than hot water and so the hot water heater pads have a solid rubber ridge running through it’s entire length to avoid being totally crushed or compressed.

How to operate the Disposable heater pad :
  • Once laden container has arrived, open the right hand door of the Container.
  • Untie the rubber hoses attached to the bulkhead.
  • Straighten the hoses and check if they are not bent, kinked or twisted.
  • Connect the inlet hoses to the steam or hot water hoses.
  • Ensure that steam or water is properly discharging from the outlet hoses.
  • Slowly increase steam or hot water pressure to the heater pad.
  • Check the melting temperature of the product and ensure that the heat source is not hot to overheat the product.
  • Once the product has been sufficiently melted, start to discharge the product. Do not turn off the heat source at this stage.
  • Heat until one quarter of the product remains and slowly decrease the steam or hot water pressure. Pump out the remainder of the product.
  • Allow the heater pad/s to be sufficiently cool before you disengage the hoses.
  • Dispose of the heater pad once the operation is over.
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