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SUN FlexiTanks consist of 4 sleeves of tubular co-extruded food-grade polyethylene liners, and an outer sleeve of high strength continuous filament woven polypropylene surrounding the inner polyethylene liners for additional protection from product surge.
Inner Bag Material
Food Grade Co-Extruded Polyethylene Liner :
Item Method Parameters Units Test
Thickness 125 (each ply) Micron
Quantity 4 ply
Total Weight 30 kgs
Tensile Strength 30 (TD)
35 (MD)


Elongation at Break 550 (TD)
650 (MD)


Dart Drop 1400 GR ASTM D1709
Low Temperature Flexibility - 25°C
High Temperature Flexibility 70°C
Outer Fabric Material
Woven Polypropylene :
Item Method Parameters Units Test
Quantity 1 ply  
Weight 180 Gr/m2  
Coating Weight 30 Gr/m2  
TensiLe Strength 1 800 (TD)
1600 (MD)


DIN 53354
Elongation at Break 30 (TD)
30 (MD)


DIN 53354
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