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13, Floor-1, Plot -281,
Krishna Niwas,
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road,
Ballard Estate,
Mumbai – 400038

Tel :
022-43471774 / 43471777
022-66333888 / 6333999

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SUN provides different types of FlexiTanks as per the nature of the cargo and customer's requirements.
With a volume of 16 to 24 KL, these flexitanks are available in different configurations for the
convenience of clients.

They are:

Top Load / Top Discharge

Top Load / Bottom Discharge

Bottom Load /
Bottom Discharge
  • Wine Sun FlexiTanks :

    Aluminum Foil barrier Sun FlexiTank for wines, especially for long-term shipments. The Aluminum
    Foil keeps the wine in good quality as it does not allow any oxygen, moisture content and sunlight
    to get in contact with the same.

  • Sun FlexiTanks with Airvents :

    Sun Flexitanks can be provided with Auto Airvents for releasing Air pressure inside the flexitank. Auto
    Airvent works automatically if the flexitank is under pressure (approx.between 1-2 psi), more like
    a balance vent. We provide P.P Air Vents and the same can function under high temperature
    (such as 80°C).

  • * Sun FlexiTanks are available in 2 inch or 3 inch polypropylene valves.

    * All tanks are insured against any manufacturing defects with product liability insurance, giving
      customers a complete peace of mind.
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