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Flexitank Market Comes Of Age - Sun Flexitank Indian Promise
21 Nov 2010 World Cargo News November - 2010

Indian Promise

Mumbai-based  Sun Logistics, part of the Sundersons Group introduced its own brand of flexitank at the beginning of 2009. Sun flexitanks were developed to meet the needs of the company’s Indian and international customers doing business in the Indian subcontinent  and the Middle East. The provision of a flexitank able to cope with the rigours of the region’s transport infrastructure was a particularly critical factor. Leading to the robust construction of resultant design.

 The tanks themselves are seen as only one part of the package and are backed by the trained technicians of Sun’s pre-and post sales service teams who advise customers on proper flexitank  handling procedure. Sun Logistics reports that its new flexitank product gained wide acceptance amongst its customers from the outset and expects the strong takeup to continue, not least due to successful completion of rail impact and associated certification tests at the TUV premises in Germany in September this year.                                                                                                                                                                            

“We have built upon this initial flexitank success with a new design for a wine flexitank, Which we will introduce into the market in early 2011.” Comments Bharat S. Lalwani, joint managing director of Sun Logistics. “We have also increased our production capacity, developed a strong network of partners globally and established a distribution and supply network in strategic areas to make our product readily available to customers without any lead time.”

The rapid progress made by Sun Logistics with its new product highlights the advantages offered by flexitanks  as a means of moving bulk liquids in developing countries. Cost reductions compared to drums are enable because, for a given 20ft container, over 30% more product can be carried with flexitank and their purchase price and disposal costs are lower than those for drums for a given volume of freight. Also, flexitanks obviate the need for cleaning facilities required by tank containers and return cargoes, often crucial to the commercial viability of a tank container movement, are not a factor with flexitanks.

Another feature linking flexitanks and developing countries is the dominance of agricultural products in their economies. Flexitanks are eminently suited to the carriage of product such as vegetable oils, juices, molasses, pulp, latex, lube oils and transformer oils. All commodities which tend to feature on developing country export and import.

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