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International News Sun Flexitank Are Approved For All Combinations Of Load And Discharge
11 Nov 2011 Sun Vinotanks

It's Sun Times

SUNFLEXITANKS, a flexitank introduced in India by Sundersons Group of Companies has gained tremendous ground in the Indian Industry for exports of Non hazardous Liquid cargoes. The first Indian Flexitank company to have gained acceptance as per the COA guidelines also holds the accolade of being the only Indian Flexitank company. Sun Flexitanks are approved for all combinations of load and discharge types.

SUNFLEXITANKS is unique compared to its competitors as it has been designed and developed considering a GLOBAL approach towards acceptance. Research and development along with feedbacks received, sent us back to the drawing table to redesign a product considering the requirements of customers, current infrastructure and climatic conditions of developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. This added with carrying out a complete study of the current products that are being carried in flexitanks and the future products that could be carried, along with compatibility and acceptance criteria was considered as one of the key factors of development to provide a Global touch to the product. Studies proved that a product which could adapt to Global conditions would be most acceptable.

SUNFLEXITANKS are capable of carrying  majority of liquids which do not classify as hazardous. It is Bag in the Box concept that converts a standard shipping container into a tank to ship liquids. Be it chemicals, oils, water, juices, concentrates or wine, SUN FLEXITANK has compatible tanks for all products. Food grade compatibility is a standard feature of all SUN FLEXITANKS to ensure that all products that are transported in SUN FLEXITANK maintain their quality for the entire journey.  Depending on customers’ requirements SUN FLEXITANK even caters to kosher qualifications, if desired. SUN ensures that all products used in the manufacture of SUN FLEXITANKS are environmentally friendly.

SUN recently introduced SUN VINOTANK, for carriage of wines, juices, concentrates and cargoes which are hygroscopic in nature or require protection from humidity and heat transfer. Initial trial shipments have been concluded successfully with endorsed customer satisfaction.

SUN currently operates with its own offices in India and Middle East along with strategic partnership alliances in Far East, South Africa and South America with plans to open their own offices at strategic locations and alliance partnerships on global basis for supply and services of its products. A global assistance network is in place to provide services to customers who ship their cargo with SUN FLEXITANKS. The network provides all kinds of assistance to SUN customers, be it assistance in discharging cargoes, training, consultation or disposal of flexitank.

“Every SUNFLEXITANK that has been loaded with various cargoes has been a knowledge source for betterment of the SUNFLEXITANK, whether it is in the form of a customer complaint or appreciation or suggestions”states Bharat S Lalwani, Jt. Mg. Director.

Whether it be freight forwarding, custom clearance, transportation, tank containers, flexitanks, haz cargo consultation, Sundersons has always been committed to the industry with its services.

“We aim to provide several specialised logistics solutions to our customers and the industry and thrive on our service quality” states Haresh S Lalwani, Jt. Mg. Director.

Sundersons is an EN ISO 9001:2008 compliant company. It has been rated as SME-1 for the past three years by CRISIL (A Standard & Poor company). The company has also been recipient to awards as stated below.

-         Bulk Liquid Transporter of the year in Unitised Form (Flexitanks/Tank containers) at the All India Maritime and Logistics Awards 2010

-          Dangerous goods/Liquid Handling Company at the Samudra Manthan Awards 2009.



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